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UX & UI design.

We transform the product taking into account the basic fundamentals of usability while significantly improving the design.

UX concepto

The user experience.

At Krashlando we are very aware of the extreme importance of usability in the operation of a product.

There are still many companies that do not give enough importance to a facet of the product that has proven to be critical not only commercially, but also operational. Usability is already very present in some companies, setting together with the Product Manager the guidelines of software development.

However, there are still many products that are focused on a technological innovation that tries, by itself, to convince the user. And this never happens. Because only if a product is useful will it be viable.

Oficina moderna

Continuous research.

Research is the starting point of any design or evolution of the user experience. We must seek the customer's feedback to understand their need in the interaction with our product.

At Krashlando we push research to the limit in a dynamic that integrates functional specification, design and customer experience, which is fed back with the very "agile" mechanism behind any continuous software development environment.

The specifications from a product backlog are analyzed by the business team and the design team together to incorporate the programmer in the second phase. In addition to continuous interaction with the user, the closure is perfect to ensure not only coverage of needs but also its adjustment to the desired experience.

UX research
UX prototipo


The second phase has to do with a prototyping of the product so that it can be properly tested by the user in a "lean" test / adjustment philosophy.

We work with the main tools on the market to make the customer's testing experience 100% immersive, and feel that they are already interacting with the real application, even if it is only a prototype.

Figma, Zeplin or Sketch are some of the SaaS platforms with which we are most comfortable, although with Figma we find some extensions towards the user in the prototyping phase that are very versatile and appropriate.

Diseñador de prototipos



Although our focus is usability, we are very aware that not everything is content, but that the continent matters.

At Krashlando we have a team of designers who are capable of interpreting our client's need to materialize it also in shape.

A continuous research on how the sector addresses its challenges, positions us in perfect harmony with the multiple existing possibilities, opening the range to the client so that he is able to choose the best packaging for his product.

Therefore, we commit a minimum of three designs per project. For you to choose the one you like the most, because for tastes ...

UX diseño

End-to-end projects.

In summary, under an agile methodology we are designing and validating continuously through prototyping, until the product adapts to the client's need, both in usability and design. That is our commitment.

We offer the possibility of making the delivery to the developers adapting to their sprint dynamics, staying as long as necessary in the project while the development lasts, to adjust the views to the requirements imposed by the architecture and the development stack of each draft.

In some project, we have even incorporated the programmers to faithfully complete the project according to the needs imposed by the desired experience.

If you contact us we will show you everything we have done to date, which is not little.

Proyecto visual
UX entrega
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Product management

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Business development

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Talent recruitment

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Cybersecurity as a Service

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Digital transformation


Agile & Scrum training

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