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Cybersecurity as a Service.

Advancing technologically means facing cybersecurity challenges that must be properly structured in a master plan that facilitates decisions and minimizes risks.


Move forward safely.

Cybersecurity must, first of all, prevent any risk or threat arising from the use of digital systems, while establishing recovery mechanisms in the event of any breach of protection systems.

As technology advances, threats evolve and new dangers emerge that can lead to paralysis in companies.

Having a strategic plan for cybersecurity within companies is no longer an option, but an obligation. And every company, just as it has sales plans or HR policies, must generate its cybersecurity plan.

At Krashlando we have materialized two products that help companies establish safer paths in their digital transformation.

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The Cyber-assessment service allows companies to identify all internal and external vulnerabilities that may pose a risk on multiple levels that must be monitored in cybersecurity aspects.

A survey of the situation of the types of access, IT & OT infrastructures, the technology used by the systems that support the company's processes, the existing protection mechanisms and the detection and action procedures against attacks, allows us to define a security plan both tactically and strategically.

On the tactical level, a series of quick-wins are structured that allow the company to improve its security with minimal and highly targeted effort.

And in the strategic aspect, a series of more serious and profound modifications will be set that project a much more controlled future, not only in technical aspects but also procedural and action in terms of protection and action in the event of attacks.


CISO as a Service.

With this service, Krashlando offers company security managers expert support that provides the foundations of a policy and a specific plan on cybersecurity that includes documentation, guidelines, compliance with regulations, monitoring of adoption and permanent supervision.

This recurring service begins with a review of the company's security strategy, the analysis of compliance with applicable legislation, the organization of functions and responsibilities, the identification and establishment of quality controls, risk management, supervision security level, etc.

Likewise, it includes an analysis of the regulations and national and international requirements in terms of data protection, definition of an information security strategy, planning and support in the training and awareness of employees, reporting to management, etc. .

Based on this initial analysis, the service structures support in the management of incidents and violations of security policies within the company, support in reporting to the management of both incidents and contingency plans, or support to the forensic analysis and the establishment of corrective measures, among others.

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