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Business Development.

We help you develop business by guiding you in the adoption and use of the tools of the digital world that are critical to capture your opportunities and reach the top.


Digital Go To Market.

At Krashlando we have created a program aimed at attracting new customers and accelerating sales with existing customers.

We start from the understanding of the product or products that are tried to stimulate in the market to carry out an adequate positioning using appropriate segmentation mechanisms.

Once the target audience is selected, we guide different campaigns using 100% digital tools that allow us to characterize the interest, establish different success thresholds and obtain progressive feedback that helps us adjust the product and message.


A 100% digital world.

We work with the best digital tools on the market to ensure the quality of our action.

With LinkedIn, we create the campaign by establishing the target audience we are targeting to configure the universe of our action.

Using Point Drive we are able to understand what kind of response we get beyond the logical feedback that is displayed through chat or email.

Finally, the follow-up of business contacts is deployed from Salesforce that provides us with a full-fledged CRM that often ends up becoming our clients' business system.

BD Herramientas
BD Segmentación

We approach from segmentation.



We work with market segmentation criteria that facilitate the subsequent choice of the different media that are within our reach.

Our many years of experience in the technology sector facilitates entry into segments such as Corporate or medium-sized companies, where trust is everything. And all our business development methods and tools are being deployed according to the segment we are targeting.

And always establishing objectives jointly with our client, who sometimes has not stopped to think about what the target audience of their product or service really is. And once we help you to identify it, you start to save costs and improve your sales by eliminating the unnecessary and enhancing your competitive advantage in that market.

We seek the top.

Our business development method is eminently digital. But this does not mean that it abandons the classic criteria that guarantee its success.

At Krashlando we share the commitment of our clients and we work successfully. Because we do not understand not achieving the objective set. We fight to the point of exhaustion with the practicality that business results demand.

Without effort there is no success and this is derived not from the work itself, but from the results it generates. We generate the need beyond what the client asks of us. Our commitment is absolute and we usually reach the top with ease.

BD Cima

Show me the money.

BD money

We are very clear about the objective of any company. We understand that there are many others on the way, but only one main one: making money.

At Krashlando we help our clients understand where the money is, with the ambition not only to earn it but to consolidate it within the company. We work with a strategic perspective, without neglecting the "short step" required by the operation.

Most of the companies we have worked with have understood this and, partly thanks to us, today they are better than before.

Because it is not easy to anticipate the changes that digitization or the transformation that sectors such as banking, energy, technology or tourism will bring about in the face of events such as those that happen to us every day while at the helm of our company.

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Product management

Diseño móvil


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Talent recruitment

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Cybersecurity as a Service

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Digital transformation


Agile & Scrum training

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