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Digital transformation.

From the knowledge of technology we are able to establish the guidelines, the method and the operation for companies to adapt to the demands of the digital world.

Digital Transf

Where do I begin?

At Krashlando we have designed a framework that helps companies address digital transformation, and which is structured in three main stages.

The first stage seeks to identify, within the organization, who are key elements that favor and promote this transformation. It is what we call the "champions" who will lead the change from conviction and closeness.

In a second stage, aided by a team of consultants, we create the right environment for ideas to emerge and we can arrive at a duly structured and budgeted transformation program that has received the approval of the organisation's decision-making bodies.

The third and final stage forces the start of the defined projects and monitors the first phases of the same to ensure their execution as defined in the previous phase.


Awake !

The first thing is to make the company aware of its need for change. It is not an option but a necessity. And everyone has to be aware.

It is critical to align the efforts for what is identified in this first phase to the set of "champions" or leaders of the transformation that will work alignment and awareness.

Through interviews, group meetings or massive presentations, the need for transformation within the company will be generated so that its engine is within and is fueled by each and every one of its employees.



With the company aligned and aware of the need for change, it is time to identify the elements of transformation within the company. And since technology does not stop its advance, it will be very easy for us to find different alternative routes.

But we cannot unilaterally choose those reasons for change, we will have to seek the consensus of the employees. It is necessary to generate a directed debate that helps us understand the priorities, which will be crossed with the many possibilities that exist.

The knowledge of technology and the experience that we treasure in Krashlando in terms of expanding technology to change facilitates the creation, discussion and consensus of this transformation plan.

And once created, it will be time to seek support within the company. The search for the necessary financing. The identification of deadlines and moments. The selection of the leaders of each initiative.

Escalador femenino

On going !

Time to start. To start the path of transformation, which should be making all the challenges that we set ourselves in the previous phase a reality.

All change is hard and brings many difficulties. Moments of doubt that must be overcome in order to advance steadily down a path that is almost always tortuous. It is very important that the bases are well constituted and that there are reasons not to go back, except to gain momentum.

In Krashlando we know that the hard thing is not to start, but to continue until the end. That is where our perseverance becomes an asset for the company, since it capitalizes on the benefit of that change.

Our experience has allowed us to see many companies that, after passing the milestone of initiating change, have been unable to persevere until it materializes. It is very normal. That is why we are valuable. Because, from our hand, the road comes to an end. And although the mere journey is an apprenticeship, things are fine if they end.

En marcha

Constant transformation.


Although these days there is a lot of talk about digital transformation, the truth is that, digital or analog, transformation is something that must be constant in all companies. New business models, new forms of distribution, new suppliers, new raw materials ... Everything is change in the day-to-day of the company.

Technology favors this change because it changes itself. It transforms and makes it easier for things to be done differently. More efficiently. Or effective.

At Krashlando we help companies identify what they need to change at all times. What should they focus their efforts on, taking into account the moment of the team and, above all, the industry in which they develop.

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