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Product Management.

We guide every step of the life cycle of your product, from definition to positioning and pricing, without ever losing sight of the customer.


Customer centric.

Excessive focus on technology can lead to a loss of focus on what really matters when defining a product: the customer.

Our method starts with an analysis of the market need and its demand for equivalent products, to face a review of the functionality desired by the potential customers of the product.

There are many companies whose products are focused on a technological innovation that is not justified in the demand of their customers, who are trying to convince of a need they do not have.

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At Krashlando we recover basic elements such as the analysis of the market and customer demand to question all the functionalities of the product and give rise to a roadmap of evolution or redefinition.

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Of mud up to the ears.

Our clients say of us that "we go down to the mud". And it is only in this way that it is possible to understand the existing operational dynamics in a company, an essential task to be able to articulate effective changes.

This is our main differentiation .

Contrary to the methods of other consulting firms, in Krashlando we go "from poetry to mathematics" to show that things can change not only on paper but also in reality. And there our commitment is so high and we are so sure of our work that we work successfully in its execution.


Success guaranteed in 5 steps.

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At Krashlando, we do not stop at analysis, but we immediately drift towards operational phases that help our clients deepen the change and execute it successfully.

First, we analyze the market and segment the target audience to understand the opportunity and strength of our competitors.

Understanding the context in which we operate, we enter the second and third phases to review the functionality according to that market demand and the strengths that help us differentiate ourselves from the competition.

In short, at Krashlando we work with an eminently practical method that accompanies the client in their transformation, guaranteeing the success of the proposed change.

We already have the product redefined according to the need, and it is time to launch it on the market and see how it responds. The fourth and fifth phases work flat as sales channels, communication, business incentives or business monitoring KPIs.


Matrix of needs.

One of the tools that works best for us in the initial phases of creating or redefining a product is the needs matrix, which helps to review the functionality of the existing or developing product.

On the one hand, the matrix of needs will allow us to cross the market need with the technology used in the product, reinforcing the functionality that is demanded and eliminating irrelevant elements for our target audience.

In the background, nor allows us to develop a heat map with respect to our competition to see where there is a greater confluence of alternatives and where our differentiation, and therefore the opportunity, is greater.

Specification & roadmap.


Having understood the market in which we will operate, it is time to create the functional specifications of the product and the product roadmap.

At Krashlando we structure this process in the orderly writing of a functional specification available to everyone: decision makers and developers. So that no one gets lost.

And if the process requires it, we look for the most suitable partner to execute it or accompany the internal development team incorporating the best practices that guarantee the success of the result.

The matrix of needs will facilitate the identification of the different deliverables of the product, its versions, its priorities, its parts: a roadmap that will serve as a guide not only for developers, but also for the commercial team that from this moment takes center stage.

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