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Agile training.

We help you with this specific step of the transformation, because the methods are not what they were and it is necessary to change the way of doing things aspiring to be agile.

AG ágil

Are you "agile"?

The working methods have been transformed in recent years since the ideas that were embodied in 2001 in the "agile manifesto" that turned the world of software development upside down and especially the need to start projects with complete and detailed specifications .

Its application to software is fundamentally materialized in specific methodologies such as Scrum although, for a few years now, the use of this type of frameworks is being applied to many processes beyond programming.

Among the projects that we undertake in Krashlando, we demand that companies use this type of methodologies because they are decisive in causing transformation. Especially to all those who work with software. And although the concepts are very simple and intuitive, their practical application requires patience and method.

Abrir área de trabajo

Our team of consultants can facilitate the implementation of agile methodologies in the company, with prior advice on which one makes the most sense to apply depending on what type of process you want to support with it.

The most common is to find software development environments where Scrum is generally recommended, and here we carry out accompaniments in tasks such as the definition of the Product Backlog, the development of typical ceremonies, the definition of the sprint backlogs or the estimation of efforts. and its monitoring by the Scrum Master.

The need to transform ideation frameworks where Design Thinking facilitates collective management with a focus on the client and the assurance of concrete and consensus objectives is also in high demand.

In short, through the training packages combined with the "in-situ" or remote accompaniment processes, we guarantee that your agility improves and projects results that are totally unattainable under a traditional prism.





A catalog that covers all possibilities

At Krashlando we offer a series of training courses in different modalities that make it easier for your company employees to understand the bases of the "agile" concept and its different methodological approaches.


Agile manifesto, benefits of its implementation in software and non-software companies, towards business agility, etc.


Scrum values and values, application environments, roles, ceremonies and artifacts, definition of "Done", etc.


What it is, origins and values, value orientation, waste or changes, application environments, principles and practices, etc.

Design Thinking

Origins and fit in the most common agile methodologies, models and implementations, Design Council model, etc.


On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the practical application of this type of methodologies within organizations supposes an effort whose previous teaching avoids many errors.

In Krashlando we have faced this on multiple occasions, and from that learning a different training proposal is born that focuses on aspects such as orientation to the delivery of value in projects, team management taking care of aspects such as motivation or delegation , or the use of tools that facilitate the implementation of this way of working.

Contact us and without any commitment we will tell you everything we are capable of doing.

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Digital transformation

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