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Redirect your business.

In the face of adversity.

Product Management.

We are a consulting firm specialized in Product Management that helps companies change their focus from technology to the client.

Technology is increasingly present in our businesses and labor activity of our employees. And not always in simple terms, so we tend to recreate ourselves in it, neglecting what is most important in any company: the customer .

Our methodology tries to regain focus on the customer without losing tension in the technological development that digitization implies in which we are all immersed.

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Business Development.

Beyond the conceptualization and design of the product at Krashlando we also help our clients to develop their business .

Using digital marketing tools combined with the most traditional procedures and disciplines, we manage to attract new customers and retain current ones so that our partners' business develops according to their possibilities.

It is part of our work to identify markets where a certain product has a better reception and to develop them using the means of our clients or other newer ones that we will make available to them.

Product Mangement
Business Development

Cybersecurity as a Service.


As technology advances in the day-to-day of companies, the protection of all the assets that remain under their protection becomes more fundamental. But not all companies know what they have to do in the short and medium term.

Today every company of a certain volume requires the presence of a CISO or cybersecurity manager who guarantees protection at all levels that organizations require: access, infrastructure, information, etc. However, there are many who cannot afford to have that dedication and put their business at risk.

The constant demand of our clients led us to devise two services to cover these needs: a cybersecurity assessment focused on both the tactical and strategic levels, and high-level support to the organizations that we have named CISO as a Service .


Digital transformation.

The digital transformation is especially transformation. Change. And change is not always accepted by everyone. And if the technological vector appears, with its complexity, this change becomes harder.

At Krashlando we approach digital transformation from knowledge of technology , business vision, tactical sense of opportunity and love of work.

Our experience of these years has facilitated the creation of our own methodology that helps transformation by incorporating into the process the ideas and approaches that already exist in the company. The knowledge of our consultants makes technology the ideal vehicle for this change.

Digital transformation

UX & UI design.

But the problem of a product does not always have to do with the technology it uses or the functionality it displays. Especially when we refer to digital environments .

Most of the times we find basic usability problems that make the products devilishly complex for those who have to use them. They are not usable.

paja diseñada

Many of our clients confuse design and usability . And that's where many of their problems begin when changing the appearance of their products, despite improving the design, their usability is depreciated.

At Krashlando we work with UX&UI Consultants who facilitate prior interaction with users for a better interpretation of the need that, combined with the business owner's ambition, solves both unknowns in the equation.

UX&UI design
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Talent recruitment.

Do you have the necessary talent on your team?

In a transformation process such as the one that organizations permanently undergo, it is critical to adapt the team according to the needs and challenges that arise.

For us at Krashlando, talent is only understood as a mixture of knowledge, skills, competencies and attitude. And it is not an absolute term, but relative to the position that is carried out.

The needs of our clients in their transformation processes have led us to create Krashlando Talent , an HR consultancy that uses the most innovative tools on the market to identify and select the best talent for our clients.

Talent recruitment

Agile & Scrum training.

Working with agile methodologies is no longer an option. And not only when developing software, but in practically any task that is applicable in the company.

In Krashlando we have certified Scrum Consultants who help the company adopt this methodology through not only courses, but also through practical support in its adoption in the daily dynamics of the organization.

Our clients are constantly surprised by how simple and agile it is to work with this methodology, which allows companies to react with agility and immediacy to the requirements of the market in general and of their clients in particular.

Scrum training



Training engineers, passionate about technology, in love with effort and grateful to be able to dedicate ourselves to what we like, we have accumulated enough experience to start this project together in 2017 and have brought it here more or less successfully.

Juan Santesmases

Senior Telecommunications Engineer · Entrepreneur · Cybersecurity · Innovation · R&D · Big Data & Data Science · Cloud Computing & Portable Personality Services · Product Marketing & Business Development

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José Antonio Ces.jpg

Jose Antonio Ces

Senior Telecommunications Engineer · Entrepreneur · Marketing & Sales · B2B · Cloud Computing · System Integration · Software Design · Digital Transformation · Product Marketing & Business Development

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Our clients.


Multinational companies belonging to the technology sector or with a high technology component in their portfolio, that need to redefine one or all of their products, position their portfolio in a different way in the market, find new lines of business, transform the way they do things or review your strategic approaches.

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